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District 9620 | Club No.17829

Annual Report 2022-2023

Annual Report 2022-2023

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Rotary Club of Boroko President’s Message 2022-2023

In the spirit of “Imagine Rotary,” the international theme of our immediate past president, Jennifer E. Jones, I stand before you today, humbled and enriched by my experience as the Rotary Club of Boroko, president for the term 2022-23. The theme, Imagine Rotary, encouraged us all to dream big, take action, and unite in service to effect positive global change. I joined the Rotary Club of Boroko in 2018 and stepped up to the challenge of the presidency last year. This journey deepened my understanding of the essence of leadership within Rotary. I learned that a dream remains just that if not translated into action. However, action alone is only sufficient with unity in purpose and effort, a lesson that became increasingly clear as I led our committed club.

We come from diverse backgrounds and harbor different dreams for the people of Papua New Guinea. Despite our cultural differences, we’ve managed to unite under the banner of confidence and respect, aligning our goals to form a shared, grander vision for PNG in the health, hygiene, and education sectors. My time in leadership has allowed me to contribute towards our shared mission and fostered stronger bonds of friendship built on mutual trust and respect. These bonds have become a cornerstone of my personal growth and an integral part of my Rotary journey.

Tonight, my journey as president of the Rotary Club of Boroko ends, but the spirit of Rotarians  remains within me. As we move forward, we carry the hope for a better world that Rotary instills in us. I want to thank my fellow Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Boroko. Your individual and collective contributions have been invaluable to our club’s success over the past year. I am particularly thankful to our club’s executive committee members and directors. Your unwavering support and dedication have been instrumental in helping us achieve our best over the last 12 months.

As I pass the medallion, I am filled with optimism and hope. Our club, fortified by our shared  experiences and driven by our commitment to service, will continue to grow and thrive.

Thank you for your faith in me and steadfast commitment to imagining a better world through Rotary. Let’s create Hope in the world.